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Hellesøy Verft AS has entered into contract with FMC BioPolymer AS in Norway for the construction of one Seaweed Harvest Vessel (SHV) with option agreement for additional 3 vessels.
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Illustrated by Triplex
Delivery of the first vessel will be in June 2017, and the optional vessels is planned to be delivered within 2018.   The vessels will be of S-1789-T design with an overall length of 17,17 meters and a beam of 8,9 meters and with a cargo hold for carrying 237 m3 seaweed. The vessel is designed in collaboration with Solstrand Trading AS, and will have a single engine propulsion plant with one shaft generator and one auxiliary generator plant. The vessel will be equipped with the most modern solutions for traditional seaweed harvesting and will be well suited for the intended operations.
FMC BioPolymer is a world-leading company in the field of alginate, and has one of its manufacturing locations in Haugesund. Alginate is a natural product, extracted from brown seaweed. S-1789-T SHV gives sustainable access to unique, renewable raw materials that give rise to a wide range of high quality products. Alginates have been used for a vast range of applications for more than 50 years, such as food ingredients, hereunder thickeners, stabilizers, and gelling agents. Alginate is also used in Pharmaceuticals and Personal care products. See for more info about the Norwegian seaweed harvesting.
From the first small wooden boat in 1945 to the modern fishing and offshore vessels today, Hellesøy Verft AS, member of “Norwegian Shipbuilders”, has continually evolved and modernized, focusing on quality workmanship and a lean and flexible organization. S-1789-T SHV is now an important part of this proud tradition.


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